Specialists in Preparing Children for the Buckinghamshire 11+ Exam

About Us

The 11 Plus Institute strives to build logic, problem solving and reasoning skills in the children we teach to help them pass the 11+ exam; but more importantly, to provide them with a skill set that will benefit them throughout their education and adult life.  We teach our students to pass the Buckinghamshire GL Assessment; but also, give them a strong foundation in the skills needed for success in a selective school and for a lifetime of achievement.

Our study sessions are based in small groups (typically 3-6 students) as we believe children can, and do, learn from one another in small groups.  All of our sessions are run by qualified and experienced teachers and a customised syllabus has been developed by our Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB).  Our Progress Tests and Mock Exams are an integral part of preparation and help to consolidate learning, enabling us to pinpoint their weaknesses while developing exam technique.

Our Approach

Our approach to the 11+ involves nurturing your child’s confidence and building their resilience to tackle challenges; giving them the courage to succeed. Our aim is that each child who participates in our Preparatory Programme leaves us truly believing in themselves. We achieve this by setting high expectations of attainment for all pupils while providing consistent support throughout the process.

Education is not about facts, it is about training your mind and this is why our approach is one dedicated to building logic, reasoning and problem solving skills that will benefit your child for a lifetime of achievement. We dedicate our time to building and developing these core skills through challenging lessons and homework activity. Once concepts have been learned, we believe in the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’ – this is especially appropriate saying for the 11+ exam given its structure. A report by academics from the University College London’s Institute of Education found that 70 percent of children in England who were tutored secured grammar school place – compared with 14 percent of those who had no additional instruction. For this reason, practicing techniques learnt in our study sessions is fundamental to success in the 11+ and something we focus on.


Meet the Team

Shelina Meghji BSc (Hons), BEd, QTS

Shelina is the Founder and Head of Curriculum at The 11 Plus Institute.   She is a qualified Teacher with over 13 years experience in teaching primary school aged children. Having graduated with a degree in Psychology (BSc) and a Degree in Education from York University (Canada), she moved to the UK where she gained her Qualified Teacher Status. She has experience in teaching children from a variety of backgrounds having taught in St. Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Luton and Milton Keynes.  Shelina’s genuinely kind and caring nature is the basis for her success as a teacher.  Shelina has also been tutoring for many years and is well known for the small group tuition classes she established 10 years ago. Her passion for teaching and her desire to help children to meet their full potential, motivated her to recently set up Building Bridges Milton Keynes – a charity organisation that offers free Maths and English tuition for refugee children in the Buckinghamshire area. In her spare time Shelina enjoys reading, doing community work and spending time with her three daughters.

The Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB)

Our curriculum has been customised to reflect the demands of the 11+ exam and is regularly reviewed and updated by our Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) which meet regularly to review the curriculum and make adjustments where necessary.  This is a very important process as it allows the curriculum to be continuously improved from the feedback we get from children, parents and tutors but with a constant focus on the demands and requirements of the 11+ Exam.  Our Curriculum advisory board is made up of the founder herself, along with a number of teachers from the local area involved in primary education and with significant experience in the 11+.  Currently our CAB includes teachers from Grammar schools and Independent schools within the local area with a total of 50+ years of experience in education.

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