Year 4 Prep Course

year 4 Preparatory Course

Our Year 4 Preparatory Programme provides an excellent foundation for those aiming to sit the GL 11+ exams. We cover all the common topics that appear in the exams while placing an emphasis on consolidating core skills in English and Maths. Advanced vocabulary work and problems solving skills are also developed throughout this comprehensive course. Year 4 children will sit termly mock exams where they will be introduced to exam technique, timing and mock exam practice.

We offer:
• 1.5 hour weekly sessions during term time (approx. 39 weeks)
• Small class sizes (typically 5 students)
• Initial assessment with valuable feedback
• All materials fully included
• A rigorous curriculum specifically developed for the challenges of the 11+
• Tailored lessons delivered by qualified specialist teachers
• Ongoing assessments with progress tests
• A positive and encouraging environment with continuous support throughout our programme
• Access to specially designed online 11+ resources
• Weekly homework schedule
• Written termly feedback for parents
• Parents’ evenings
• 2 mock exams
• The 11 Plus Institute Credit Incentive Program
• Priority access to Year 5 classes the following year
• Competitive fees


  • Comprehension Skills
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Literary Features

Verbal Reasoning

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Coverage of all 21 Types of Verbal Reasoning
  • Codes and Word Manipulation

Mathematical Skills

  • Core Skills
  • Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
  • Ratio, Proportion & Scale
  • Sequences
  • Geometry: Shape & Angles
  • Algebra Foundation
  • Ratio, Proportion & Scale
  • Measurement
  • Problem Solving

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Logical Deduction Skills
  • Symmetry, Rotation and Reflection
  • Shape Codes
  • Shape Composition, Sequences & Analogies