Frequently Asked Questions

Most children need tuition to pass the 11+ Exam whether that be from a qualified and experienced tutor or from a parent at home.  Tuition is vital as the 11+ Exam is extremely challenging and will test concepts that they may not have come across in school.  Even the brightest students will struggle to pass the test if they have not been exposed to the types of questions they will face.  Our courses thoroughly prepare children for the 11+ exam giving them the necessary skills and tools.  However, your child’s result will be down to individual performance on the day of the exam, how hard they have worked, and their true potential.  Not all children pass the test however a recent study from  the University College London’s Institute of Education found that 70 percent of children in England who were tutored secured grammar school place compared to 14 percent of those who had no additional instruction.

No, all study material is provided.  This includes exercise books and a cusomised wordbank.  We will, however, recommend a list of reading books that will benefit your child to increase their comprehension and vocabulary.  These classic fiction books can be bought or borrowed from the library.

Study session sizes range typically between 3-8 students so that your child can benefit from focussed tuition.  Children learn well in small groups and we find that classes of this size are a good balance.   

Year 4 students receive 30 minutes of homework per day in addition to the word bank and recommended reading.  Depending on how your child progresses additional work may be recommended.  Homework for year 5 students increases to 45 minutes per day in addition to word bank and recommended reading.  Similar to children in year 4, additional work may be required to be completed depending on the child.

Yes, we will keep you updated on your childs progress though updates in your child’s folder, through email updates and through results and analysis of assessments sat by your child.

Yes.  Our terms and conditions, which will be provided to you when you register will provide further details on the specifics.

Your child will always be taught by a qualified and experienced teacher who will be using our customised syllabus created by our Head of English & VR and Head of Maths & NVR.  All of our teachers are also DBS checked.

There will be regular assessments during the academic year as well as mock exams each term.  Additional mocks will be available for children in Year 5 in the summer before they sit their 11+.

The Eleven Plus Institute Credits are incentives the children can earn through homework and achievements during lessons.  They can then trade them in for prizes at the end of each term.  

We recommend a minimum of 18-24 months of formal tuition in order for your child to be confident and ready to face the challenging 11 Plus Exam.  This enables the child enough time to pick up the skills and concepts necessary and effectively “train their mind”.  Prior to the formal 11+ Preparation, it is essential that your child has developed strong core English and Math skills.