Buckinghamshire 11+ Result Analysis 2018

Congratulations to all those who passed their Buckinghamshire 11+ for entry into Grammar school in September 2019.  This was an especially challenging year given it was the first year the test has been provided by GL Assessments – having previously been provided by CEM.  All in, 10,309 students sat the exam this year, up approximately 3% from the previous year when 10,037 students sat the test.  The qualification mark remained a standardised score of 121 or more and a total of 3,518 children (giving a pass rate of 34%) achieved the required score.  This compares with 3,453 children achieving the required score in 2017 giving a similar pass rate of 34%.  Looking at the results for Milton Keynes in particular, one can see that the popularity of sitting the exam is increasing with 626 students being registered to sit, an increase of 10% from 2017 when 571 students sat the exam.  The percentage of students from Milton Keynes passing remained similar to last year at 42% (261 children) and above the average for the Buckinghamshire area.  Please note that this analysis is based on the provisional numbers released by Buckinghamshire County Council as at 16th October 2018 and is subject to change.
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