11+ Results Day Buckinghamshire 2018

Friday is the long-awaited Buckinghamshire 11 Plus results day.  Here are some of our tutors’ top tips on handling the news.

1)   Stay Positive – Leading up to the results day you should focus on the positives of either outcome.  Talk to your child about the benefits of a grammar school, but also those of their first choice non-selective school.  This may include things like friends attending, sports teams, drama opportunities etc – each school will have something that makes them unique.

2)   Plan Ahead  – Make sure you have something planned for Friday to distract your child from the results.  Pass or not, your child will deserve a treat for the hard work they have put in.

3)   Keep it Private – Depending on what school your child attends, the results may be given to them at school.  It is best to take the results home or to a quiet place to open the envelope.  This will show consideration for those that have not passed.  If your child has succeeded, ensure they do not start calling or messaging their friends as this can add salt to the wound forthose who have not been as fortunate.

4)   Give Your Child Time – Give your child time to deal with the news.  Talk to them about how to approach seeing their peers back at school.  If they have been successful, discuss the importance of modesty and sensitivity towards others.

5)   Praise – Use the next few weeks and months to really build your child’s confidence so they are ready to start secondary school with tenacity.  Praise their hard work and good results in school.

6) Plan – Plan what comes next.  Your child should now have a lot more free time.  After having a few weeks of break, use the extra time for fun, but productive, activities.  As the preparation for the 11 plus exam will have required your child to work beyond the year 6 curriculum, it is important to continue to motivate and engage your child.  Perhaps they can learn a new skill, sport or language.  Whichever you choose, it will encourage them to be successful life-long learners!

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